Our Promises, The "Ottawa Promises"
Our Promises, the "Ottawa Promises", have been inspired by our own experiences of recovery and by messages of hope from our fellowship. Although these promises were created for our local groups, many other international SAA groups have adopted these promises as a part of their meeting format.
  • Through a renewed relationship with God/our Higher Power, the healing force of recovery will take hold in our hearts. By giving ourselves over to God/our Higher Power and working our program, our lives will become manageable and we will be restored to sanity. We will receive the inner strength and support needed to face our anxieties and fears and to deal with the painful feelings that feed our addiction.

  • Relations with others will improve as we learn to respect our boundaries and allow others freedom to be themselves. Reaching out in trust and connecting with others will come easier, dispelling our sense of isolation and loneliness. Degrading fantasies and obsessive sexual thinking will diminish.

  • In relating to ourselves, self-absorption will give way to self-discovery; secrecy to honesty; feeling of unworthiness to dignity and shame to grace. A restored integrity will guide our behaviour. We will feel more alive and regain a sense of happiness. We will hear ourselves laugh again and rediscover play. We will embrace change and will grow.

  • A spiritual awakening will free us from the tyranny of our addiction. An awareness of being guided by a Higher Power and supported by caring friends will sustain us. Regret for the past and worry for the future will give way to living for today. We will open ourselves to the amazing possibilities of a life worth living - our life.

  • Are these extravagant promises? "WE THINK NOT" We have seen them fulfilled. They are ours, if we want them and work for them.